Government Lottery Office reminds to be careful when buying government lottery tickets through vending machines


Government Lottery Office reminds not to buy lottery tickets from unofficial sources such as online platforms and vending machines

Today Lt. Colonel Nun Sansanakom, who is now in charge of the Government Lottery Office, made a statement regarding the government lottery tickets sold through various online platforms or vending machines where the buyer does not actually get the lottery tickets in his possession. There is a risk that there that the prize money may not be redeemable.

He said that if the government lottery ticket is sold through an online platform or a vending machine, it is possible that the seller is not an official agent who receives the lottery from the Government Lottery Office. In this case the buyer doesn’t actually receive a real lottery tickets into his possession, which means in its turn that there is a chance that the prize money may not be redeemed if the prize is won. Lt. Colonel mentioned that such cases had actually happened already. Therefore, I would like to warn the people to use caution when buying government lottery tickets through online platforms or vending machines, it is recommended that you buy only from sellers who are representatives of the Government Lottery Office.

Lieutenant Colonel Nun Sansanakom further reminded buyers in advance that reselling the lottery tickets violates the terms of the contract. In such case the office has the right to terminate the contract including canceling registration.

Take care guys, and the best of luck to you

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